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Modern Train Station


This is a more of a modern train station featuring a small shop, a ticket booth, a sitting area for the passengers, and a luggage check in booth and a garden out front. It also comes with a total of 8 different characters with a conductor, 4 passengers, and shop keeper, a luggage check-in booth operator, and a ticket booth operator.

This would be a great set for those who like train sets and a bit of a challenge in building. It took a period of approximately 4 weeks to build on LDD (Lego Digital Designer) and has approximately 1050 bricks. I built this set mostly for the fun of it but also because I saw a lack of detailed train stations. I built it with so that it has most of the essentials of a normal train station. It is also my second build that I have done and a bit of a step up from other sets I have done. 

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