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Beowulf & Grendel: Scandinavian Mead Hall


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High atop a craggy hill sits Heorot, greatest of all Viking mead halls, where even the steps are set with gold.  Warriors from far and wide come to sing songs of valor with the famous King Hrothgar.  But not long ago their revelry woke a misshapen creature living in the marsh nearby.  Creeping up at night, Grendel breaks down the doors of Heorot and steals away King Hrothgar's champions, one by one.  All seems hopeless until one day the great hero Beowulf appears.  Beowulf knows that no sword or axe can defeat the giant Grendle, and so tonight he lies in wait for the fiend, ready to fight him with his bare hands!

Beowulf was composed around 975 AD and is the oldest surviving long poem in Old English.  It was an inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien who declared it one of the most important works of all time, and it's been the subject of countless films and books.  Now it's time to truly immortalize the tale... in Legos!

The path leading to the mead hall of Heorot is carved from ancient Scandinavian Lego, hard and cold and flecked with gold.  Once inside the imposing wooden doors, you step down into the most opulent of halls.  Warriors welcome you with food and mead, and you can warm your hands by the fire before paying homage to King Hrothgar on his great throne. Don't tarry though, because Grendle is coming! Crashing through the doors at night he swings from the massive iron chandelier and swats away arrows. 

If ever a hero should succeed in defeating the monster (say, by removing his arm), that warrior would be remembered in song for all history.  Beowulf is ready to save the day!

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This set is made for playing.  It's been lovingly play-tested by my kids and I guarantee Lego fans of all ages will have a blast with it too!


  • "Breakable" doors
  • Swing out walls to open up play inside the mead hall
  • Climbable ladder to crossbow area
  • Chain used to lock doors or hang a battle trophy
  • Swinging chandelier
  • Drop barrels of mead from the rafters
  • Fully articulated Grendel creature can break doors or climb the hall


  • Size: 10” W x 10” D x 18” H 

Suggested figures:

  • Beowulf, King Hrothgar, Queen Wealhtheow, and two Viking warriors, plus GRENDEL

The description of Heorot from Beowulf:

Splendid and ornamented with gold.
The building in which that powerful man held court
Was the foremost of halls under heaven;
Its radiance shone over many lands.

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