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Micro LEGO Clock Tower + Town Square


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Give your Micro Lego City or Town more dimension and liveliness with the Micro Lego Clock Tower + Town Square! It is adjoined to a 16 x 16 base plate, allowing for easy connection with various different structures, and contains many intriguing attractions. First, take a walk inside of the clock tower and read the clock motto, "Veni, Vedi, Vici", which translates to "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered". Next, take a stroll around the block to discover the golden fish fountain and a secret garden... Finally, as the day winds down, send a postcard to grandma and grandpa via the local mailbox, telling them about the superb times you've had.

This Micro Lego Clock Tower + Town Square would make an excellent Lego set because of its aesthetically pleasing design and additional features. It could even be modified to be modular so that customers would be able to create their own designs and contraptions. If considered for approval, I would attempt to proportionally scale the design so that more details could be added. Thank you for reading my synopsis of this project and support is greatly appreciated!

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