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The great phantom jewel thief stole a famous legendary gem, “The Moon Diamond.” Rumor once been told if the diamond is under a full blue moon before midnight. It will give a mysterious glow and direct straight to hidden treasure . . . somewhere in the haunted greenhouse. Would the Mystery Detectives solve this case and help their new ghostly friend to stop him?!

Ideal this unique set combines by using with any Lego’s existing products. Exploring Vampyre’s castle (from Monster Fighters) or unmask the minifigure Ape-man (Series 3: Gorilla Suit Guy) to play a part in a mystery adventure. I’m inspired to build this counterpart version from my two favorite tv shows, classic Scooby-Doo and animes Case Closed (Detective Conan).

*Building Construct Parts for:
- The Mystery Van
- Haunted Greenhouse
- Spooky Old Tree
- Snapdragon Guard Plant

(This is a demonstration model.)

The Mystery Van
Small-size vehicle. Roof and backdoor is removable to put Detectives in.

Haunted Greenhouse
It has open/close greenhouse and sunroof with removable flowerbed box.

*New Feature Glowing-in-the-Dark:
- Moon Diamond
- Three Moonflowers (in a flowerbed)
- Ghost Owl

- Dog Bone
- Camera
- Magnifying Glass
- Water and Plant Food Spray Bottles
- Regular Flowers in the Vase
- Flowerbed Box (also a secret treasure box)

*New Minifigures:
- One Greenhouse Ghost
- Two Mystery Detectives Kids (Boy and Girl) with their Dog.

For an Extra:
Maybe a mini poster or Mini Manga Comic Book

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