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The pictures above have been generated using Lego Digital Designer and LDD2PovRay. Background and shadow are added with Gimp. The images above are also available on flickr.

This is a child project of X-Rex.

The aim of this project is to create something tender as a cub. Even a  killing machine like a t-rex can generate tenderness.

I wanted to create this project to contrast the violence inspired by a t-rex project. I noticed in my child a deep interest in playing family relations games. So, we like to play with X-Rex and Rex-Bratty. My dream is that both X-Rex and Rex-Bratty go to production.

On the other side, in my opinion, this set is worthy to live an independent existence. It is mostly appreciated by kids and a female audience, but not only them. I have chosen red because that color inspires a winning attitude. It is a tender, lovely creature but being a small t-rex it could not be any different than a little brat.

I created a character only: in my opinion, adding more context such as a nest, rocks, etc. would only increase the price of the final product. My child tends to extract the main character from a LEGO set and plays with it creating new interactions. So I tried to respond to his attitude focusing on the essentials.

It is a small project so it could easily fit almost everyone's wallet and building skill. 

It has 145 parts.

Dimensions: 17x8x11 cm (8x3x4 in).

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