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Narrow Gauge Train Motorised!


100 Supporters & Rolling Stock

Finally Reached first milestone of 100 supporters!

As I promised in the description, at this point I will also include details of rolling stock:

Here is a set of timber wagons.

And a locomotive pulling a rake of passenger coaches.

The wagons are all capable of negotiating the sharp "narrow gauge" curves produced by Lego.

The coaches have opening doors, removable roofs and space for mini-figs

Above is the new design locomotive pulling the full selection of wagons (this is likely to be the contents of the set that would be released if this project is made into a Lego set). This image also includes the Goods Van and a Observation Car.

Thanks to everyone so far who has supported so far!



Electric Corocodiles!

This is a new re-design of the original electric engine, this version still requires a trailing battery car behind the locomotive to hold the battery pack and IR receiver. However, this version of the electric locomotive is capable of negotiating the narrow gauge track bends. This electric locomotive is based on the Swiss Ge6/6 Crocodile narrow gauge locomotive.

I have also included a selection of alternative colour schemes.


Garratt Mk.2

Another quick update to show the improved steam engine design, it now incorporates pipework on the boiler, working coupling rods on the wheels, and an alternative coupling system (which is better for going around the tight curves). This model also has the battery pack installed in the water tank (see the protruding red axle for turning on and off) and the IR receiver mounted in the cab.

also new colour scheme


They Can go Around the Bend!

Just a quick update to show that these engines can negotiate the narrow gauge curved track sections supplied by Lego (and the drive train is still clear to operate). I have also included an image of the steam locomotive in an alternative colour scheme.

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