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Lost In Space


Lost In Space was a famous sci-fi 1960's television show. It was about the Robinson family who were the first family in space, traveling to Alpha Centauri but become lost when their ship is hit by a meteor shower. The Chariot is one of the vehicles they use to get around on the different planets they land on. The set includes The Chariot, The Robinson Family, Dr. Smith, Robot B-9, and Robby The Robot which was a popular Robot in the 50s and 60s who appeared in a Lost In Space episode as an antagonist.

I think this would make a great set for all ages and all the fans of Lost In Space.

I built the set becuase I had watched the show from a DVD my Dad had and I saw Robot B-9 and thought it would be cool to have a minifigure size of it. After I accomplished that, I needed something to go with Robot B-9 and I made Robby The Robot. They both looked cool and I wanted more, so I made The Chariot and The Robinson Family. It was finally done and I submitted it.


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