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Sgt Sweet Tooth's Confectionarium



Every Lego city needs a confectionery store!

Full of delicious treats for your minifigures, the micro builds in the set include;

Old-Style Cash Register
Large Bar of Chocolate
Mini Fridge w/ Squishees and Ice Creams
Liquorice All-sorts
Sherbet Cones
Candy Pineapples
Display Stands

Printed prices in our set prototype include;

Love-Heart Box of Chocolates
Cream Pies
Squishee Drinks
Red and White Cheerleader Pom-Poms as Strawberries and Cream Lollies
Squiggly Circle Tile - as a Lollipop
Gingerbread Face Biscuits
Toadstool Dishes
Small Swirly Tiles for the Sherbet Cones.

Other special pieces include;

Gold coins
Gold and Bronze Statuettes
Red Unicorn Horns as Rasberry Twists 

This fun and colourful playset was designed and built by my 6yo who included this protoype in his 366 days of Lego challenge.

The building has been designed to look like a candy wrapper, using smaller fangs for that effect.
The outside features 2 bay windows and technic panels above the door to give an arched feel. The walls have been designed similar to white chocolate squares on a block, this pattern features on both the front and back.

The set could include 4 minifigures;

Sgt Sweet Tooth - a Willy Wonka-esque character, perhaps with a Wafer-print top hat.

Mother - Exasperated, Frustrated, with a handbag and smart phone.

Child - Hungry, Excited, she has dragged her mother into the sweet shop.

CMF Hippy - Got the munchies, man.


We hope you enjoy our set and thank you in advance for your support! Cheers.

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