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Heartlake Bowl-o-Rama - Friends Theme

Heartlake Bowl-o-Rama!

I set myself the challenge of making a new Friends set using only the pieces of the small Friends sets.
I decided on a Bowling Alley as the pieces worked perfectly for it.But I did need to cheat and use 5 pieces from other sets.

The main colour of the arched wall/entry should be purple and medium azure and the sign above will require a printed tile.

There is a small cash register and counter where a new minidoll character will stand.

I've included some new Minidoll characters as I thought they could be an opposing team for the main characters.

Cute little Minidoll bowling shirts would be fun too!

The scene also includes a small round chair, shelves for bowling shoes, and a ball shoot.

Above is two of the new Minidolls; (left to right) Karina and Georgie.
The third new minidoll, the Bowl-o-Rama employee, is Lena.
I included Stephanie in this set.

The bowling pins can be knocked down by rolling the column-brick-bowling ball down the bowling alley.

This will make a fun addition to the Friends line and came in at around 200 pieces.

Thank you to everyone who supports my project :)

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