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Pictures of the Real Thing

Thanks for all the early support everyone!  

My goal was to build this using all "vintage" parts, circa 1990's and earlier.  I also wanted to focus on the overall shape rather than lots of movable joints.  It might be possible to add more joints, but I think the overall appearance would suffer.

There were a few bricks that I couldn't find in LEGO Digital Designer, so I've attached pictures of the real thing.  Here are the differences:

1. The black 2x2 45-degree "roof" bricks in the center of the torso have a yellow grille.  This is from an old BlackTron set.

2. The upper part of each leg has a white flat 2x1 brick with a black grille.

3. In the groin, the junction to the left leg has a flat 1x1 with a red and a black dot on it.

4. For the hinges at the elbows, I disassembled a white hinge and a black hinge and swapped their parts so I had two hinges that were half white and half black.  The white part goes to the upper arm and the black part goes down to the lower arm.

You can see it well on the right side of this photo below:

Other misc photos :)