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Ramcharger Concept


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Hello my friends!


I introduce my latest creation and first Concept! This is the 2017 Ram Ramcharger concept. This was originally produced from 1874 to1984, and now Ram is thinking about re-producing it! This truck is based on the format of the Ram Powerwagon, except in a two door form on a SUV chassis. This concept was not introduced at a car show, rather the 2016 Moab. At Moab this year, all the Jeeps were out roaming the area when they sneaked the Ramcharger in. This one is based identically to the real one. It is two door SUV form. Under the hood, there is a powerful 5.4 liter Hemi V8! The interior is rather simple. With only two light grey seats, and a complete dash board. The front end strongly resembles the Ram styling. This set contains 133 bricks and would sell between $13 and $20 US currency.

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