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Black Arrow Rocket (Minifigure Scale)

The Black Arrow was the UK's first orbital rocket. On the 28th October 1971, it delivered the Prospero satellite into low Earth orbit. The Lego recreation of the set includes:
- the first stage, powered by a Gamma-8 engine (so called as it has 8 rocket nozzles).
- the second stage, powered by a Gamma-2 engine (which has 2 nozzles). 
- the small Waxwing solid rocket third stage.
- a Lego model of Prospero.
- the striking red payload fairing of the rocket.
- a Lego astronaut minifigure for scale.

I built the Black Arrow because I wanted to create a rocket from Lego which has not been created before. Not many people know about this rocket, so I wanted to enlighten others about it. 
I think this would make a great Lego set as it has good display potential, and also has playability potential as the rocket stages are separable.