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Spider-Man: Suit Up


This project is a Lego Spider-Man set called Spider-Man: Suit up.

Where Peter Parker suits up into one of his Spider-Man suits.

It includes 7 Spider-Man suits and Peter Parker.

  • 1. Spider-Man
  • 2. Scarlet Spider
  • 3. Iron Spider
  • 4. Armored Spider-Man
  • 5. Black Suited Spider-Man
  • 6. Carnage Spider
  • 7. Future Foundation Spider-Man.


Peter suits up inside his own spider lab.

When you have this set for set up or play with.

If you want Peter Parker to be ready for something, choose a Spider-Man suit for him to use so you can play with it.

It includes table, toolbox, phone, spider-man trophy, and camera in Peter hand.

Hope you would enjoy this project.

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