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Library Of Galileo Galilei


From now on, I am going to talk about a scientist. His name is  Galileo Galilei.

Asyou know, Gallilei is one of the most famous scientists. The reason why he is regarded as a great scientist is due to various accomplishments and belief.  He contribute greatly to the dvelopment of astronomy and phisics and led the scientific revolution.

in 1609, he improved the telescope and used it to observe celestial boby and prove the Copernican heliocentric theory was right. The four natural satellites-Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede-are called the Gallilei satellites.

He also discovered the isochronism of pendulum and used it to generate sphygmotachymeter

Galilei pursued phisics by experimental verification and claimed the Copernican theory based on sufficient scientific evidence.


I imagined this great scientist's library and expressed it in Lego. I want to show here the extraordinary achivement he made.

The cantral telescope is used when observing the celetrial sphere and the next structure is a pendulum. There is a globe and a small telescope on the desk. 

All of these represent his achivement. 

Countless papers on the desk and many books on the shelf show how much he studied.

I hope that you come up to Galileo Galilei throw my work.


Thank you for looking at my project and to tell you that it is my sincere hope that with your support. 

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