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Custom GP Racer


Summary Details:-

  • Lego type: Standard and Technic
  • Number of pieces: ~1550
  • Dimensions:  ~575mm x 250mm
  • Principle colours: Black, red, light gray
  • Features; include:-
    • Modern racing car styling
    • Decorative red trim / stripes
    • Side air intakes
    • Front and rear suspension
    • Steering
    • Rear differential
    • Engine, operating in two gears via a clutch
    • Gear selection via "behind steering wheel push buttons".
    • Possibility of alternative colour schemes.


In the Lego style of the well loved Technic car sets 8860 and 8880, this design has been engineered to the workings and style of a modern racing car. Whilst the design is almost entirely original, it also "pays homage" to the 8880 set by retaining a small number of characteristic features and parts.


"Everyone knows racing cars come in different colours ! "........."The first time you build a new Lego set is the best build ! " ; possible opportunities:-

  • Pick (or design) your own colour, potentially via a web application.
  • Buy conversion kits to modify the colour of your primary set, and enjoy building a different colour scheme each time you re-build.
  • Possible popular racing series association, with iconic team colour schemes (images of these not included, but available on request).



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