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Intergalactic Rescue


This LEGO project is a completely new set, not based on any movie or current set. The set has relatively few parts and is designed to be easy to build even for beginners.

The "Intergalactic Ranger" is a search and rescue ship features a single seat from which the pilot can fly the main ship and fend off incoming attacks from alien invaders. The center console functions as the search and rescue command center and rotates 360 degrees enabling the pilot to keep a constant eye on his operation. At the rear of the ship is a detachable search and rescue drone that can fly into those dangerous and hard to reach places while keeping the pilot safe and sound.

Once a survivor is located, the Rescue Mech can be sent in. This mech features 3 available seats for survivors and features various colors and types of shields indicative of it's hard use and constant repair. 

This set contains approximately 100 pieces and is designed for easy construction and modification.

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