Product Idea

City Theme Formula-Style Race Car

LEGO has done well with the licensed brands, Ferrari, Octan, ect. This car is a generic version where licensing is not necessary. It uses the current car chassis plate and is shorter in length than the Ferrari F1 sets. Other MOC F1 cars out there are fantastically detailed and accurate but this one is simpler, trying to keep in line with the current City philosophy while it still 'looks fast'. Suggestions are welcome. There are no special parts; the color is limited by the angle plates for the side pods. It weighs in at exactly 100 parts, so it could go for about 10 bucks US like the 60053 race car.

Oblique back view, showing the rear view mirrors and detail of the side pod. The top sub-assemblies behind the driver are removable showing engine grills underneath. I wanted some detail for the engine but I'm not exactly excited about how it turned out. The black slope on top is the camera/air foil. I like it, but it could easily go away.

The driver isn't fully enclosed in the cockpit like the Ferrari sets. But I think this fits in well with the other LEGO vehicles in terms of proportions and driver access.

Rear view showing the engine exhausts, brake light and simple tail spoiler.

All of the parts are interlocked pretty well, and the car chassis makes a good reference. The nose is made such that it can come off of the car, spoiler and all, just like the real Formula cars. There might be one or two superfluous pieces, but I think it's pretty trim now.

Thanks for looking!