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Imperial Star Fort

This is a model of an imperial star fort. A star fort is a type of fortification that was used during the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Star forts were specifically designed for the age of gunpowder. The walls were lower, so they would not collapse when hit by cannonballs and thicker, so those cannonballs could not penetrate them. They were also at an incline, so the cannonballs would ricochet off. That way the wall would absorb less of the energy and thus take less damage. The star shape of the fort was designed to minimize blind spots. The idea was that the cannons on one bastion (a tip of the star) could shoot at soldiers trying to assault another bastion. In that way the bastions could protect one another and cover each other blind spots.

This model was built in the style of the classic pirate theme. It has about 2800 bricks and has 5 bastions and 5 ravelins (the little triangular shaped constructions). Cannons are mounted on the bastions and there are stairs leading to the inner part of the fort. The fort has been designed to optimally capture the shape of the star fort and although pentagonal shapes are very difficult to make in Lego, I am quite satisfied with the end result.

I think this model would make for a Lego set because it is quite versatile. It has high playability,but it can also be used for display. It can be combined with other pirate sets, but it can also be enjoyed on its own. Finally, it has a little bit of nostalgia attached to it, because the inspiration for the design and colour scheme of this model came from the iconic Eldorado Fortress set.

I hope this model makes it to 10.000 votes, so it can be an addition to everyone's Lego pirate collection.

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