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Future Bike


The Future Bike is a unique, open, and tech-savvy vehicle. It is of no tv show or movie, but simply of my imagination. It combines the use of technic based pieces and regular Lego system bricks. Includes the series 16 spy, to include a minifigure. This took quite a while to come up with; therefore all support is greatly appreciated. I did not just slopp a bunch of bricks together to make something, I created a model which might be biased, but it is amazing.

This bike is very long making it unusual.  Great majority of pieces are still very common. Has 'solar panels' on the very top of each side for operator. I chose this mainly because I really like vehicles, and the spy minifig is fantastic, it does deserve a spot in a set. The bike is not very complicated, but near the wheels it gets interesting with technic influence. The medium title and reasonable price is definitely worth every penny, no one will regret it!



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