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The Christmas Dock


I got me a package full of fishing things to give e’m away!


    Its Christmas and most people are celebrating, including those down at the docks. Take your winter village to a new level by adding a dock to your collection. Complete with boat, life vests, nutcracker decoration, and more!

    I took the idea from my original “Fishing Dock” and turned in into a ball of festive barnacles.

    My minnifigures include, a fisherman, little boy, dock worker, and a white armed police officer. He is my favorite.

    As seen in the pictures the sections are also removable, this allows you to make different Lego scenes.

    I hope you like this set and please share this, leave critical feedback, and follow me.

Please note that the nutcracker figure is an official Lego minnifigure.

Merry Christmas!