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Nebulon-B Rebel Escort Frigate


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Of all the capital ships Lego has made, you would think they would have gotten around to the Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. As one of the main vessels of the Rebel Alliance, Lego should have already made this, but so far the only rebellion sets that have been created are remakes of the different starfighters. And thus, I present to you, The Nebulon-B.

This set has 870 pieces. The different builds are the Nebulon B, 2 ULAVs(from the mobile game Star Wars: Galactic Defense), a small rebel command post, and an Imperial Base.

Sixteen minifigures are included in the set: 6 rebel troopers (Male Zabrak, Rodian and human. Female Twi-lek(orange), Togruta (blue skinned) and Theelin), two rebel pilots (Duros and human males), Ackbar, Lando Calrissian, Mon Mothma, an Imperial officer, two Imperial heavy weapons troopers, and two stormtroopers.

I made all the rebels different species so the rebel alliance would feel diverse, as the only rebel minifigures we have ever had have been human (aside from Chewie).

The Nebulon-B- The cockpit can open up to reveal a console and space for two minifigs. It is built in three separate pieces(the front superstructure, middle neck, and engines) and then attached using technic elements. 4 spring loaded missiles.

ULAVs- the cockpits open to allow minifigure access. 2 spring loaded missiles and two flickfire missiles each.

Imperial Base- I designed it to look like ruins. It has weapons hanging from the wall, and a hologram projector in the center (with two robed holograms).

 I thank you for your support in advance, and please comment on how I can make my project better!


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