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Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Speederrace


Mos Eisley - a lawless city and one of the largest ports in the desert Tatooine space, which is mainly viewed as a haven of hitchhikers, thieves, smugglers and villains of all races.
As the birthplace of Anikin Skywalker Mos Eisley is the unofficial center of the Outer Rim. Her impressive architecture formed from the given materials and resources of the planet.
A good reason to create this vibrant city from Lego and gradually form an artistic interpretation.

Lego Star Wars Project Mos Eisley Set #01 Speederrace

Loud roar tireless turbines, a roaring echo through the sandy desert canyons of Tatooine. With this set you can relive first hand the crazy races near the town of Mos Eisley. Two modified Speeder, known from the Star Wars universe deliver a race because that is what Mos Eisley. Racing and betting.

This set contains:

01 four minifigures

02 Modified XJ-6 Airspeeder | 271 Bricks
      With two 30-megawatt twin turbofanengines

03 Modified X-34 Land Speeder | 171 Bricks
      With two turbine engines

04 tower with liftable platform | 146 Bricks

05 Bookmaker | 296 Bricks

Total: 884 Bricks