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Spartan Trireme


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If this were to become an actual LEGO set, it would be about 1000 pieces and contain about 16 minifigures. It will include rowing benches, rowers, oars and Spartan warriors. A trireme is the Greek version of a submarine. It is fast and deals a lot of damage. There is a ram on the front, that is what the captain of the ship would use to sink the enemy ship. They would try to ram the side of the boat, making a hole in it, or go alongside it to snap the enemy ship's oars.

The 300 Spartans at the Thermopylae pass would never have held off the Persians for more than 2 days if the Athenian navy (consisting of about 200 triremes) hadn't  held the Persians off from the sea. A lot people want a Greek/ Spartan LEGO series, and this would be a big part of it.

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