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Kristiansen Crest

This build celebrates some of the major achievements of the Lego company over the past 90 years of its existence. This build starts with the classic wooden duck and works its way up through Lego's history including 2x4(clutch powers), minifigures, Yellow Castle, Classic Space, Pirates, RCX(Mindstorms), Bionicle, Ninjago, and Friends. The last micro build is plants and solar panels which symbolize Lego's promise to make their product more sustainable. The swords (based on the ones from Lego Castle sets) are pointing down to symbolize Lego's goal of promoting peace. The build is capped by the Lego motto, "Det bedste er ikke for godt" which translated into English means, "Only the best is good enough" symbolizing the Lego company's dedication to quality. Another reference you might notice is the background which is the same pattern as the Lego flag.

This build is designed to be either wall mounted on a wall or placed on a tripod making it easy to display.

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