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Modular Library and Cafe


This is a lego modular size library building and can be added to your modular streets

The building contains four different parts :

  • The first floor contains shelves and chairs where you can have a rest and read a good book, lamps, and of course some cash registers if you want to buy a book
  • The second floor contains more shelves and more chairs and has tables with computers if you want to look out for a book
  • The third floor contains the cafe where you can have biscuits, tea, coffee and even a hot chocolate Then you can sit to drink and eat with a great panoramic view if you want to see what's going on in Lego City
  • The last part of the building is a terrace with tables and chairs where you can sit and have a rest while eating and drinking what you've been ordering to the cafe

This building is compatible to all your modular buildings so you can add it on your modular street if you want to

The sidewalk is grey and green in front of the two doors from where you can come in the library and contains two brown bins

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