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VIP Home Service


New Service available in Lego City!

Now all Lego VIP members may join the in home delivery service to get the purchased sets as fast as possible.

Therefore the company invested in a small and fast mini delivery truck.

As soon as you placed your order, our driver Bernie will hurry up at your home to bring in the highly desired sets.



Me as a happy Lego VIP developed this idea last year. Many companies consolidate their customer relationship with personified services. So why not Lego with a very special VIP Home Service.

So I took one of all the vehicles in my own Lego Town, modified it and now I have not only a great minitruck for the VIP service, but also solid base for many customizations ideas.

I think aside with most of the other big, fantastic and creative ideas which you will see here, my little project has also the chance to become real. Because we all love the city trucks and sometimes it needs only a little gift to create big fun.

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