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Shyntists Mixel Set


Mixel City has a new tribe, the Shyntsts! Quietly exploring their world, the Shytntists will get excited and forget their surroundings whenever a new discovery is made or they run across one of their enthusiasms.

Ci Met, from scientific method, is the most outgoing member of the tribe and their leader. She is very curious, constantly exploring the world in her wheel chair, and is enthusiastic about chemical reactions which occasionally leads to minor explosions.

C-Fuge is constantly searching for fluids that can be mixed and sampled which he then spins around until separated just like the centrifuge from which he derives his name. He is enthusiastic about the colors red and purple and cannot help spinning them until he falls over completely dizzy, hence the helmet. This sometime leads to interesting situations with paint.

Scop, pronounced like scope, is so quiet most Mixels do not realize he speaks. Scop is fascinated with nooks and crannies and what is under everything. He will even move objects a Mixel is on to see what is underneath it. He is enthusiastic about photographs and takes pictures of everything, especially if it is under his microscope which often temporarily blinds him since his eyes are located at his viewing plate.

I designed this set to 1) find a fun way to work STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) into the LEGO Mixel world and allow Elementary teachers and parents a fun way to encourage children to scientifically and thoughtfully explore their world, 2) provide wheelchair and other physically challenged children a LEGO Mixel and set they could identify with and can be used to encourage them to be strong in their situation and continue to grow and explore their world.