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Cubical World


Cubicle World

     It's a cubicle world. In thousands of buildings, there are hundreds of thousands of cubicle offices.  Those of us who live in our cubicle world often have little mementoes of our home and office life.  I have been a little surprised, and very comforted to see how many of my co-workers have a little set or minifigures on their desks.  We had charity raffle in our building in which each team made a themed basket.  Our team decided to do a brick themed basket.  There were several sets purchased, a copy of our favorite brick movie, tickets to a brick exhibit at our local art museum and a customer cubicle set that I built to model those in our building.  It was a huge hit.  My co-workers encouraged me to submit the set.  Here it is and thank you to all those who have encouraged me to do this.

About the set:

     The set would include two cube workers.  I think it is important that there be a male and female worker.  Their roles can be switched to fit the buyer's preference.  This helps with product appeal and shows both men and women in a work environment.  No office is complete without coffee and donuts and our workers are always happy to share.  While I didn't have donut pieces, I think the cookies make the point.  Our tireless cubicle worker has been awarded employee of the year for his constant efforts to exceed expectations.  With the overwhelming amount of information many office workers deal with, a two (or more sometimes) monitor computer is a must.  Always keeping up on current events and financial news, our office worker is an avid reader of the daily news.  Most cubicals have some sort of family picture hanging on the wall.  In this case, the best piece I had was a picture of a dwarf.  In a production set, I would suggest a sticker or printed brick with a minifigure family on it.  The flower vase is a little attempt to bring nature into an otherwise stark work environment.

     I tried to bring as many elements of cubicle life into this set without if being cramped and cluttered.  Although I am sure that describes many cubicles in the real world.  My hope is that the set has universal appeal to men and women.  Incidentally, it was a woman who won our raffle.  Some kids may get a kick out of it too.  In fact, my kids were insistent that I build them each a cubical so they could play office.  Having been to dad's office, they identify with the set.

     With all the sitcoms and movies that portray cubical life, I think that I would be great to bring that fun and humor to the brick world.  I hope you agree.  I appreciate your support.

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