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Vintage Ambulance


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Hello everyone!


Here is my latest creation the Vintage Ambulance. It is based off of the old military ambulances used during wars. It has an olive green color which is the closet to military green. This one is based off of the Ford Model A or Model T. It has an open cab with a removable windshield. The front is stays true to the era this ambulance was from. In the cab, there is two seats and a steering wheel. The steering wheel can be moved to right hand steering to left had steering easily. In the rear, there is plenty of room to fit a stretcher and patient. On the sides and back, there is a medical or American Red Cross logo. This set contains only 87 pieces.

This set would sell for $10 US currency based on parts. It would be great for children or Lego or military collectors.

Thanks for the support. This set is dedicated to the men and women soldiers who sacrifice their lives everyday.