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Grimm Space Red Riding Hood and the Two Tone big bad

Grimm space is the area where the Big Bad virus has taken over. they have been named after the unfortunate ex explorer Jacob Wilhelm Grimm exploring a planet and discovered and first human victim and space traveler so now the Big Bad has access to the universe.Red has to take a shortcut through the highly dangerous grim space to avoid being captured by the U.E.E's (unnamed evil empire) fleet to deliver her shipment of goodies to the rebels grande mother ship.

If lego were to do a space theme that had something that takes over ships, robots and even bases as the main villain they could redo old space sets, I plan on making reds ship look more like a M-Tron vehicle and turn the big bad into a former Black-Tron II vehicle.

The big bad wolfs and various monsters have been rolled into a sentient cyber-organic nanobot like plague that combines vehicles and their pilots into a single monstrous cyborg that only have one goal... to spread consume and grow they are not afraid to lie and use the memories of the victims to gain more mass. because these are legos and obliviously a kids toy the process can be reversed by removing the eyeball with the translucent red center big bads that have their eye/brain removed are called husk and they can be used safely although sometimes they play possum. the big bads themselves would be constructed like the exoforce mechs except they would have sealed cockpits and could be taken apart and reassembled into ships or whatever they were before the became big bads i also want make reds cargo with peices that could be used to turn Reds ship into a big bad. The Two tone mech is my first try so if you have any suggestions I will see what I can do

this ship is designed with realistic space adventures in mind. it will come with three reds civilian clothes red, smuggler clothes red stored in the front of the the truck/ship and a external spacesuit like the ones on the more recent lunar rover concepts so your minifigure doesn't have to wander the harsh void of space unprotected. any speeder bike, inhabited asteroid or similarly unpressurized vehicle or area in space will have something that allows the pilot to survive in the vacuum of space without a space suit. The ship also has bed on the interior and I am working on a swiveling chair because every space ship needs a swiveling chair the ship is designed to allow a single person to comfortable live in it. the exterior is clearly inspired by modern semi trucks the cabin is designed to have maximum cabin space without taking away from its sturdiness

up coming fairytale and nursery rhymes to get the Grimm Space treatment
Jack and the beanstalk this would be the have the biggest big bad mech
and many more coming soon

first draft of a logo

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