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Pirate Village and Hideout


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Ever wonder where pirates live when they aren’t sailing the high seas? In a pirate village.

This pirate harbor has four houses, a tavern, a secret pirate hideout, two lookouts, a dock with storage warehouse, and a small sailboat and a canoe. Three of the houses have removable roofs. And the tavern can come completely off of the mountain.

The bottom floor of the tavern has a bar and a kitchen/living area for the tavern owner. The top floor has three bedrooms for guests.  Each bedroom has a bed, a table, and a candle. 

The mountain can swing open to reveal the hideout inside. A secret sliding door is the entrance to the cave. The hideout has the pirate captain’s headquarters, the captain’s private bedroom, a jail, a guard room, and a treasure room. There is another sliding door to access a cannon on the side of the mountain.

On the back of the mountain there is another dock, a stairway going up the mountain, and the fourth house. The fourth house is the hardest to access since there isn’t an easy way to make a removable roof.

The minifigures might include (from left to right) a pirate captain, a lady pirate, a sharpshooter pirate, a knife thrower pirate, a regular pirate, the tavern owner, a musketeer, a knight, a conquistador, a British soldier, and a native.

Feedback is appreciated. I want to make this a better set so hopefully it will reach 10,000 supporters. Right now the inside of the hideout is a bit empty, so suggestions for that are appreciated.

I think this should become a set because

  1. LEGO has never made anything like this before.
  2. With all the different minifigures story lines would be endless.
  3. This would be an awesome set for pirate collectors.
  4. It has lots of playability for kids of all ages.
  5. It looks awesome.

This can only become a set with your support, so please support this project and tell your friends. Please check out my other projects too. I’m hoping at least one of them will reach 10,000.


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