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Sherlock's Flat


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Welcome to Sherlock's Flat in 221b Baker Street, London from the BBC's show Sherlock.
Apart from renditions of Dr. John Watson, Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes, this set features :

  • an accurate model of the kitchen and Sherlock's lab,
  • faithful colour schemes  for furniture, structures and flooring,
  • references to the show such as :
    • the skull and clock on top of the fireplace
    • a human head in the fridge
    • sherlock's gun and violin
  • an accurate rendition of the living room which includes :
    • the two iconic armchairs,
    • the chair of whichever person Sherlock and John are interviewing,
    • the couch and couch table.
  • accurate reproductions of the lamps placed in the living room.

The idea for the set came to me while watching an episode of the show. I realised that, similarly to previous LEGO sets, Sherlock's flat is an iconic part of the show, so I wanted to see if I could create a proper rendition of it. At first, I had only designed it for my own entertainment, but after rendering it with BlueRender, I was pretty convinced that this is something not only I could get behind.
Then I found the LEGO Ideas site, and thought that not only other fans of the show like me, but even simply LEGO collectors would enjoy seeing this 221b Baker Street come to life.

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