Product Idea

Sherlock's Flat

Me and my brother created this set because we were still a little upset that the last Sherlock set was not approved.So immediately me and my brother got to work on this set.As you can see a lot of the colors are wrong.But we thought if(which is almost impossible)it was made into a set they would make the colors and maybe some of the faces and clothes like they are on the show.


As you can see this set would probably come with Sherlock and John for sure.And possibly Moriarty and Ms.Hudson.We were going to put in Mary and Greg but we did not have the right pieces.As you can see we put in Sherlock and John's bedrooms.You would probably ask how do you know what John's room looks like.And the truth is we don't know.So his room is a complete guess.I already know there will plenty of complaints about the colors,faces,clothes,etc. But we love the show and would love to see it be turned into a set.