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The Martian Project


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Breaking news - Lego Mark Watney is still alive! After a freak storm the Aries 3 team on Mars had to evacuate and Watney was left behind.

This is the Lego Martian project, my first Lego Ideas submission. With this set you could playout many different scenes from the film and book with all the added devices to go along with the rover. You can help Mark recharge the rover using the removable solar panel or contact Earth with the mini Pathfinder and sign! You can also convert the roof with a simple swappable system to look like it has the pop tent balloon on top from the end of the film. The set also includes the aries 3 hab were you can help Mark grow crops. the hab also folds in so you can store it easily on your shelf but you do have to remove some of the floor. The set also comes with two mini figures, Mark Watney and an eva suit.

The overall piece count is roughly 3 to 400 and the build took about 20-30 minutes. I hope that with your help we can attempt to bring Lego Mark Watney home.

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