Product Idea

Chinese Lantern shop & LEGO Shop

I always wanted to have a set of Lego with strong Chinese flavor. I create canal town which is in southern China.
White wall and black tiles、old street and deep lane、Water bridge are the characteristics of canal town in southern China. It is hard to display all characteristics of canal town on base plate 32x32.  After numerous adjustments, this SET is finally available. The main buildings are lantern shop and Lego store. The building on the left is lantern shop. The first floor can be used for selling all kinds of Chinese lanterns. The second floor is the warehouse. The Lego store on the right, I hope that one day Lego will open a shop at an ancient Chinese town.  The rest part is a winding river, stone bridges with some green plant, boats and so on.  I hope you would enjoy this work, and also wish you could learn more about Chinese elements from this work.