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Settlers of Catan


Settlers of Catan is a board game requiring you to combine resource gathering, trading, and building settlements in order to become the first to 10 points, and rule the land of catan.

If you have never heard of this amazing board game, be sure to check out their website for in depth info on the game and its history at

My vision for this design was to create something simple, stylish, and innovative. I chose technic parts for the board design in order to make the design simple and easy to build for all ages. Most importantly the technic design gives you the ability to attach your roads and settlements directly to the board. So next time your friend bumps the table or moves the board all your pieces stay in place. When it came to the tile design I designed it to be used in two different ways. The first way you can play them is with just the dome for a sleek modern look. By taking the LEGO® round plates underneath the domes and placing them on top you now have the ability to design your tiles any way you want, making the board tiles unique to your own style. My idea for cards is either stickers on flags like the ones shown in the pictures or simply playing cards, with LEGO brick designs on them. I designed a card holder if we go the LEGO flag route. It can hold up to 7 so that you and all other players know when you are susceptible to the robber. Either way, I want the knight cards to be represented by the image of the helmet and shield of a classic or current LEGO knight characters. Round tiles with the required numbers with also be included along with two dice.

Thank you for showing interest in my design and I highly appreciate your support if you choose to do so. If you have questions, comments, or concerns I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.

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