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Gandalf - Lord of the Rings - BrickHeadz


Gandalf the Gray …

The Lord Of The Rings - BrickHeadz 

Gandalf the Gray with his magic stick in his hand, his big hat, his brown belt and his cape flying in the wind. 

Little details : 

the One Ring in the magic stick 
- pieces 50745 for his shoulder 
- pieces 10313 and 4624 for his arm 
- pieces 4644102 for his hair 

I’m a AFOL and I found it must be a Lego set Lord of the ring in BrickHeadz. I think it can be really cool and I have started to do that with this Lego BrickHeadz Gandalf ! You can help me with support my project and build others figures of the Lord Of The Ring ! 

One Ring to rule them all, all for the One Ring ! 

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