Product Idea

Racer-X's Speed Car.

  In the dark, cold, and damp highways of the futuristic island city of futures burg, a group of burglars fly away in there speedy Future Technology (FT) Genius(a car by Future Technology{duh!})!  These idiotic thieves didn't realize that on there tail was an even faster car that easily caught up to them in mere seconds!  In this car was the 13 year old Racon Xward, disguised as the hi tech super hero Racer-X, who jumped out of the car onto the Genius arested the thieves(putting up a fight of course ;-D) and jumping back into his car to turn in front of the car and stop it!

  Recreate one of the iconic scenes from Racer-X's everyday life, with this 47 piece set with one mini figure, one laser scythe (called X-Caliber), and Racer-X's Speed Car!

Please support!!!! It took me 2.5 hours to make because L.D.D. was running "really" slow.


Car Freak!