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Aaron's Home


          This set is Aaron's home, which is where the first big event in my book takes place. Aaron gets attacked by a Lerkza, a dark creature with leathery wings and some magical ability. Besides this, this 1,084 piece set has a lot of attachments that show how daily life for Aaron and his family, such as the following.

  •  Stables for their two horses, which they used to plow their land.
  • A section of farmland, with sprouts.
  • Two sections of woodland, filled with animals. Some of which Aaron befriends, unconsciously using his unknown magical ability.
  • Aaron's faithful companion, Streak, a wolf he raised from a pup.
  • A bed and table inside the house.
  • The family cat, Rusty, and a rat he is chasing.

          I thought this set was cool and I hope you do to. Please supoort this set and let's get to 10,000!

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