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Above The Clouds


My set is a dragon and its rider high on the mountain tops soaring above the clouds. One of the reasons I believe this would be a great new Lego set is because one of the ideas behind Lego is to encourage creativity and imagination. I believe that this set shows the idea behind Lego as well as encourages it.

The imagination and idea behind this Lego set model as well as the following examples is that dragons can be one of the easiest toys to play with because they are what you make them to be. They can soar majesticly above the clouds or roam the earth. They can be free creatures or controlled, good or evil. Because of this I have always thought that dragons are interesting and fascinating creatures inspiring me to create this Lego idea.

My lego model includes:

  • 1 girl mini-figure
  • 1 boy mini-figure
  • 2 bows and arrows
  • 2 shields
  • 2 knifes
  • 2 dragon swords 
  • 5 fish
  • 4 ninja throwing stars

I hope that you support as well as spread the word so you can have the chance to get my Lego set idea. Thank you for your time to consider supporting my Lego set.


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