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- You better run!
- What? You said, “don’t move!”
- That was before. Now you’re wrong.

This small model is about the cartoon “Rango!”

Have you watched it?

In this model, I tried to keep the sense of humour and all the spirit from this cartoon. I showed an episode from the very beginning of the cartoon, where Rango pretended to be a cactus to escape from the evil falcon! We can also see this episode on the poster of the cartoon, so it seems that this is the most famous episode. I hope (that) you will vote for this model and help reach 10,000 votes!

My set includes:
- A statue of the main character of the movie, Rango, who can change the position of its hands, legs, and tail, as well as turn its head. 
 - A cactus
 - A stand

I hope you enjoyed my idea, and we will meet each other on the other side!

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