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Stealth Strike

This is a project for a new theme or set. It is like a cross between lego ninjago and chima battle games, since you can use the vehicles in a battle game. All the vehicles are robotic and wouldnt require a minifig rider. More vehicles and plotline coming soon!

0 supports- 10/5/2013
25 supports-

Sets below:

Fire inferno:

This is the first vehicle. It is also one of the smallest. It includes a meteor to put some of the extras inside. It has 2 grappling hook lines, a large engine with 2 flame exausts, suspension, a flick missile launcher (can be replaced with an engine piece). All the attachments including the front tusk blades can be removed.

Items included:
5 energy rods
2 dynamite
2 flick fire flaming spears
Various weopons for modification