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Star Wars: The Millennium Falcon


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A model of the starship 'The Millennium Falcon' from the Star Wars saga. The model is durable enough to hold with your hand and 'fly' around - it's good fun ;)

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Model description:

I built this model using lego bricks first but i didn't have all the bricks i needed so i used which is why most of the pictures are rendered images. the lasers on both the top and bottom rotate 360 but do not tilt up or down.  

Has two stickers- one on the front of the stand with the model information, and one on the back of the stand with the rebel alliance insignia

Model information:

Main model-         

length- 9.6cm (12 studs) width- 11.8 cm (14.8 studs) height- 5.2 cm (6.5 studs)  pieces- 160


length- 6.4 cm (8 studs) width- 8 cm (10 studs) height- 7.2 cm (9 studs)   pieces- 49

total pieces- 209

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