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Mars Outpost


Welcome to the Mars Outpost, where a team of researchers are conducting studies. Maybe you could be one of them! One of humanities first bases on Mars, it is packed full with details.

My project is a modular style structure, which can be rearranged and played with in many different ways. It can be split in two parts, which each represent a seperate structure. One side is a landing pad, with workshop built into the mountain and a landing pad on the top. On the other side there is a labratory, with an office and communications tower on top. The top sections can be moved around, and their sides can be changed. Small vehicles inside are easy to play with, and the roof is easily removabe on every section. 

The labratory features three chairs, a screen, and a crystal testing area. There is a ladder and storage along the far wall, and entrances to other areas of the building.

In the workshop there are cannisters and fluid nozzles, as well as tool racks. 

The landing pad features loading cranes and various boxes, as well as a spotlight and crystal storage. There is room for the small transport (featuring landing gear) to dock.

The office features a sliding door, heating units, a desk (with crystal powered lamp), a chair, and a potted plant. On the roof there are more containers, and access to the 

This model includes 2020 bricks, and many accessories for added play value:

  • 4 minifigures
  • 1 mining robot
  • 12 energy crystals
  • 1 shovel, jackhammer, pickaxe and saw
  • 4 backpacks

Thank you for your support! It means so much to me! Good luck to everyone!

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