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25th Century Mech - Variform Knight Marine


25th Century Mech.

Simple micro mecha sets combining elements from Technic and Creator.



The year is 2401 and mechanical exoframes known as Mecha have become the dominant form of transport in the known galaxy.  Humans have migrated to the stars, but in a vast galaxy many colonies have become lawless feudal dictatorships.  Into this time comes one hope for humanity - the Neon Knights.

Name: Lord Marinus

Quote:  "Take the stars all you wish, but the oceans belong to me."

Known History:  Marinus assumed control of the planet Aquarius, an aquatic colony on an Earth like planet which has less than 10% land mass.  There he quickly became feared, not only for his ruthless control of the planet and its resources, but his deadly variform mech "KnightFin".  Able to convert from bipedal warrior mode into a ferocious shark styled mini-submarine.

Powers:  Titanium jaws are capable of crushing mecha armour, tail section has hydrosurge driver which acts as a high powered projectile launcher in mech form.

Weakness:  Mecha unit has no air capability, making it limited to sub-aquatic and land combat only.




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