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Rogue One - Attack at Citadel Tower

Citadel tower description

    Join the rebellion and help Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and K2-SO locate and steal the top secret Death Star plans. But watch out Director Krennic and his troopers are trying to stop the rebels, can you get to the top of the tower and transmit the Death Star plans to the rebellion? That's for you to decide.

This set will include Jyn Erso (in disguise), Cassian Andor, K2-SO, Director Krennic, 1 Death trooper, 1 Elite scarif trooper, 1 stormtrooper, a mouse droid, 1 imperial officer, and 1 imperial Death Star trooper. You even get weapons racks and clips to store weapons and a crate with 2 binoculars, plus a control console to locate imperial data files and the transmission dish alignment console.  

There are many functions in this set you can slide open/close the front door and shaft door. You can even get a imperial data file and insert it into the base of the transmission dish then align the satellite. This Citadel Tower is a great set to recreate the iconic scenes from Rogue One - a Star Wars Story.


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