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Micro City Train Station


Do you like small and micro? If your answer was yes then this is the perfect model for you. Complete with micro skylights and tiny cars the amount of detail put into this model is just crazy. 

I am just going to talk to you briefly about my model and why I think it should become an official Lego product.

There are many parts to this tiny compact model, for example we have:

  • 1 red train.
  • Platform side buildings.
  • 3 canopies joining together.
  • And miniature traffic lights fixed onto the side of the train station canopy. 

When I built the canopies I took into consideration every single detail. When designing this model I did some research on train station canopies and manage to build something pretty similar. 

Platform Side Buildings.

I thought this part of the model was difficult because I had to pack so much detail onto a 1x8 plate, which is pretty hard to do. So I used small bricks such as the 1x1 stud, or the 1x1 cylinder black piece.

My favourite part about building this model was when I built the micro cars.

To conclude my model analyse I think Lego should make this an official product because it would fit into anybody's micro city and would look great on a shelf up on display.

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