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StudWave Aquarium

Come to StudWave Aquarium - the largest, most modern (and only) aquarium in the city of Brickopolis. Here you will discover a variety of marine animals, including sharks, rays and octopuses. The double story building and the long glass tunnel allow a large amount of people to enjoy the aquarium - perfect for a family outing! Featured at StudWave is the aforementioned glass tunnel, in which viewers are able to feel as if they are right among the ocean animals swimming around them, from the comfort of dry land. On the inside of the building are smaller tanks with small fish and other creatures which are sure to fascinate viewers.

This project is a modular-style minifigure-scale aquarium, including various fish and other marine animals, various minifigures, and other elements of an aquarium. The model was intended to provide a rewarding and fairly difficult building process, and as a result incorporates various intuitive building techniques which are sure to engage the mind when building.

Sections of this model include:
  • Rotating door
  • Janitor room
  • Reception desk
  • Staircase
  • Outer underwater tunnel
  • 2x fish tank
  • Octopus tank
  • Accessible roof
  • External staircase

I built this model because I am rather fascinated with marine life, so I decided to build a model consisting of a variety of aquatic creatures. Of course, I also enjoy a challenging build, so this model was built with as many interesting and challenging building techniques as I could incorporate.

This project would make a great model for various reasons. First, it provides a rewarding build experience. As has been aforementioned, I have incorporated various intuitive building techniques which will make the build that much more interesting. Second, this model includes multiple representations of real animals - many of which have not been depicted in LEGO form - so has a good value for collectors. Third, this is a great display model. I've made the building as aesthetically pleasing as possible, so it will look great on any tabletop or desk. I tried to refrain from using flat bricks for the walls as much as possible, and the end result looks quite good in my opinion. Fourth, and perhaps most importantly for some, this model has a high playability factor. Each section is removable, providing easy access to any floor. Similarly, the tunnel has many roof sections which are able to be removed easily. The multiple minifigures and animals included facilitate the playability factor, and there are sufficient pieces of equipment and food for various roles for each character.

Overall, this model provides a challenging and rewarding build experience, resulting in a great display piece with a high playability factor, representing multiple marine animals. Please support and share this, and I hope we can reach 10,000 supports. Thank you very much!

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