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TRANDOSHAN Pteropters 'Wookiee Hunt' Set

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. . . build a TRANDOSHAN Hunting Party with this Pteropter 'Wookiee Hunt' Set featuring over 450 bricks to build:

- 2 x NEW MSP80 Hoverpods
- 8 x minifigs inc. 3 x NEW Trandoshan Hunters / Ahsoka, / 2 x NEW Younglings / Chewbacca / a NEW Wookiee Commando!
- a mini-landscape (a tightly overgrown tree) &/or a small landing platform for the Hoverpods (not pictured- yet)

the MSP80 'Pteropter' Hoverpods are designed to match those seen in the Clone Wars, Season 3 'Padwan Lost' & 'Wookiee Hunt' episodes. they feature folding Legs, Winches (with Hooks & String that unwind to strap on their 'prey') and a moving front Cannon.

& there is room on the main platform for all 3 Trandoshan figures.

. . . sound good?

well if you want this set made i need your support. register with CUUSOO, tell everyone you know to do the same and get going . . .

an alternative, slightly more basic set, made of around 250 pieces, could feature:

- 1 x MSP80 Hoverpod
- 4 x minifigs ( 1 x NEW Trandoshan Hunter / Ahsoka / 1 x NEW Youngling / Chewbacca

. . . the MSP80 Pteropter Hoverods are basic lightly armoured platforms that enable the Trandoshan Hunters to set out into the jungle landscape in pursuit of their prey. they are functional, self-contained machines for getting around, shooting stuff, then bringing back 'trophies . . .

. . . the minifigs suggested include:

- 3 x Trandoshan Hunters in utlitarian overalls (it'd be cool if the heads/hands could be in new colours; eg. Dark Tan &/or Olive)
- Ahsoka
- a 'young' Chewbacca
- 1 x Wookie 'Commando'
- 2 x NEW younglings (not featured in the pic)

. . . the Hoverpods feature movable undercarriage. it can lower when grounded, retract for flight.

. . . all 3 Trandoshan Hunters can fit comfortably onto the Hoverpod platform - there's weapon storage space too.

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