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Mecha Godzilla and Mothra


Mecha Godzilla is 1619 pieces, Mothra, its larva, and stand are 1176 pieces and the mini figure for scale is 6 pieces, or 2801 pieces total build.

Features Mothra.

1. Its wings are hinged all four, and he also has a hinged rear stinger, which pumps many gallons of his deadly venom into his victims. Mothra also has a death ray which fires from his mouth and eyes.

2. Its young Larva is also hinged in three locations, where as it can slither along the ground some what like a snake, and he has a heat ray whichs blasts from his snout that will ruin anyones morning.

3. Note that the larva can be carried in mothra's undercarriage and it does not have to be displayed stacked like I have it in most the pictures, as Mothra can easily be placed on the stand with or without the Larva for example.

Mecha Godzilla features.

1. Scrambler recon ship or Mecha Godzilla's wings/rocket pack as seen in picture 5, and it easily snaps on the back of Mecha Godzilla.

2. His knees are hinged, and he has a sturdy trank tread base on each leg. 

3. His chest double hinged and opens up both doors to reveal his 6 missile system behind that, see final picture number 8.

4. Each of his four fingers are cannons as well, and his arms are a unique design via not only shoulder hinged, but a ball and socket joint design at shoulder and elbow, which allows for many possible poses and Godzilla has much articulation for such a large robot design.

5. His head is on a rotation disk and spins freely 360 degrees as well. Laser eyes, as well as a super nova heat blast from his mouth.

In closing I will say this set has endless possibilities via display or play. Just think of some of the dioramas you could do with your Lego city with these two battling it out on main street. Honestly, I can't ever tell if a build will get 10 votes, or 200, or 10,000, I simply build what inspired me growing like this set. And where else you gonna find a 1000 plus piece giant moth with a bad attitude built in lego, that alone is worth a vote in my book. And if it does well great, and if does not do well I move on to the next concept. 

Take care all and thanks for any views and or support!

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